Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

Men Look at Women's in 43 Minutes a Day

Men can not be separated from women, and vice versa. But have you ever thought how much time is spent on men to look at women? A survey was conducted by British researchers. Apparently, the man looked at her 43 minutes a day.

"Men are known to look at women, especially beautiful women," said Mark Ireland from Kodak Lens Vision Centers are sponsoring the study, as quoted from Limelife, Friday (23/10/2009).

"It's interesting to know exactly how much time is spent by the men for the activities 'at the woman' in a matter of a day or a year," he said.

By using a hidden camera and a digital counting system, the researchers managed to catch the men who tried to glance or look at women in some places, such as schools, workplaces, supermarkets, and other entertainment venues.

From the results of the study, found the average man at 10 women each day, with an average of 43 times a day and meniit if converted again, approximately 1-2 years from the average human age (50-70 years old ) used a man to look at women.

In contrast to men, fewer women actually looked at the man. From the survey data, British researchers found that the average looking woman of about 6 men each day, with a total time of about 20 minutes a day.

Of 3000 participants who followed the survey, turned out to be a favorite place to look at a woman a man is supermarkets. "Supermarkets are the men and Wanta surreptitiously each view. But for him, where it became the most favorite," said Mark.

As for women, his favorite place is school and the bar. Although there are differences in favorite places, but both agreed that looking at each other is fun and makes them happy.

Not only the feelings of happiness, in other studies have noted that men could be more healthy just by looking at let alone interact with women. That's because the hormone testosterone out when a man looked at her made her blood flow smoothly and the body's metabolism system was better.

Source: detikHelath; pic: Poundingheartbeat

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