Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Lee Byung-hun

Lee Byung-hun (Korean: 이병헌, born July 12, 1970) is a South Korean actor. He is most famous for acting in Park Chan-wook's Joint Security Area and Kim Ji-woon's A Bittersweet Life. He was born in Seoul.

Lee made his debut in 1991, starring in the television drama "Asphalt My Hometown". Lee's later movie, Joint Security Area, was a smash hit, surpassing the box office benchmark set by Shiri.

After Lee's role in Bungee Jumping of Their Own, his acting talent gathered widespread recognition.

Lee has recently played a part in the movie Everybody Has Secrets with Choi Ji Woo, Chu Sang Mi and Kim Hyo Jin, a movie about three sisters who fall in love with Lee Soo-hyon. Soo-hyon falls in love with one of the sisters, leaving the other two heartbroken. The movie has reached a very high bid of US$5.5 million in Japan. However, the box-office profit of his movie was low in Japan. A Bittersweet Life, released in 2005, was well received by critics.

In 2005, Lee released his biographies Limited, Brave and Human during his visit to Singapore, a 3-DVD collection in which he talked about his life and acting career.

His likeness was used for the main character in the Capcom video game Lost Planet: Extreme Condition which was released on January 12, 2007.

In December 2007, it was confirmed that Lee was cast as the villain Storm Shadow in the live-action G.I. Joe film. This was his Hollywood debut film. He also released a self-album in 2008, one of the songs called Itsuka (one day) that he sang in Japanese ranked 3rd in Korea.

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